Lucky Palace receives Wine Spectator Award of Excellence

When Lucky Palace opened at 750 Diamond Jacks Blvd. in Bossier City 22 years ago, owner Kuan Lim equated learning about wine to learning a new language.

A bottle of Blue Nun Liebfraumilch – a sweet white German wine that sells for roughly $10 – changed his mind. In 2019, Lim received the Best Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator.

Lim first received the award in 2018, and he couldn’t be more thrilled for the continued recognition.

“At the same time, I know I have to work harder to maintain it,” said Lim.

Considered the world’s leading authority on wine by Wine Industry Network, Wine Spectator recognizes dining destinations across the globe for their wine list.

At Lucky Palace, you will find 360 bottles to choose from, and Lim’s passion for what’s listed all began with the glass of Blue Nun.

“[When I tasted the Blue Nun Liebfraumilch], I felt the enjoyment of drinking wine,” Lim recounted. “I overcame the fear of learning about it by reading the wine books, tasting and learning about wine with wine aficionados.”

Lim hosted wine tastings with local restaurateurs, sommeliers, wine distributors and wine collectors on Sunday nights to learn and talk about food and wine.

Today, Lim is confident he can understand a customer’s palate and match it with the style of wine they might like.

“Wine is for everyone – you just have to give it a try and find out what you like and remember that your palate will evolve,” said Lim. “Wine is everything: it is about the terroir [the environment in which the wine is produced], the vigneron [the individual who cultivates the grapes], the culture and the history.”

“And, finally, we are all students of wine, and no one knows it all.”